Cute Bagel Bear Bento

My kiddo loves mini bagels problem not GF. So today she gets a tummy pill to be on the safe side and gets her wish of eating one mini bagel for lunch. If anyone know of a bagel that is GF and actually tastes good enough for kiddos let me know.

Today’s Cute Bagel Bear Bento is made from one small mini bagel cut in half and filled with PB & J. On the outside I made a cute bear face with some cheese ears and nose with nori for eyes and mouth, add a little cute pick for boy and girl bear and soo cute!

I also added some roasted veg from last nights dinner, she got her wish of brussel sprouts, but there are also roasted carrot and yellow cauliflower. Next to that I have a turkey flower with pea pods for leaves. I only showed half the container because next to it is just some applesauce and some dried fruit (not that exciting).

My kiddo has not been finishing her lunches lately so not to much filled in today we will see if she is satisfied with the amount today.

Momma Says: Easy way to make veg taste better and kiddos will love, especially brussel sprouts is to roast them (I added a touch of brown sugar to make slightly sweet). Works like a charm   :)

Bagel Bear Bento


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  1. Keeley says:

    i’ve not tried them yet, as we’re just starting a gluten free diet, but i’ve heard great things about Udi’s.

    • says:

      We have gotten the bread from Udi’s and they are the better of what is out (there unless you make your own from a mix), fresh breads texture was the best for kiddos due to softness, you cannot beat fresh. Udis is the only one other than fresh my kiddo will eat. I will have to buy their bagel and hope its not too firm in texture, will let ya know what I think. Plus let me know what you think if you get them. Good luck with going GF. If it is for your kiddo it has its challenges like I do for my kiddo who we try to keep GF as much as humanly possible.

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