Film Review – DVD – Jack and Jill

Rated PG  (DVD release March 6)

Jack and Jill is the newest movie from comedian/actor Adam Sandler. The movie is about his character Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), he is an advertising executive living with his family in Southern California. He needs to land Al Pacino for one of his big adds and tries to scheme his nurotic, loud and obnoxious identical twin sister Jill (also played by Adam Sandler) to help. Problem is Jack (Adam Sandler) does not particularly care for his sister, who is here for her annual Thanksgiving visit  from the Bronx and he cannot wait for her stay it to end. 

I usually find Adam Sandler in drag pretty funny and he does a funny version of his female self. Remembering the days of SNL when he was a GAP girl?  In this movie he does not give his twin Jill an ounce of family love for sure, she definitely gets under his skin and it is kinda uncomfortable and funny at times how he is to her. As Jill he is funny, Jill is whiny awkward and menopausal so she sweats the sheets -gross but it got me to laugh, but my kiddo not so much. It is sadly not as good as the other “family” films like Click or Bed Time Stories, but it has its moments that do make you feel good as does the endings usually in his films do.

There were allot of celebrity cameos in the film and that was fun to see, but Pacino of course is the biggie here. The slapstick humor is funny and all and is expected with this type of movie.  The dual role playing of Adam Sandler is of course what stands out and though his twin is annoying you somehow feel a bit sad at her loneliness and longing for love. Adam plays himself as loud and angry (like his other roles in his films) he is funny that’s what you pay to see, even if you have kinda seen it played before. Some scenes had me laugh out loud while others had me grossed out (still kinda funny). Katie Holmes playes his wife and is really not a break out role here, but whatever.

I think the humor in this movie is more for the older kiddos for sure due to the mean reactions he has for his twin, plus the fart and poop jokes along with the fact that Pacino is trying to get frisky with Jill. There is mentioning of rude humor and language throughout, but this is expected with Adam Sandler films.   One more thing is Nick Swardsons character states he is and atheist and my have kiddos who are paying attention wondering what that is. Hence the PG rating folks, take that in mind.  If you think this is more a family film I would say leave the younger kiddos at home with the babysitter and take your tween/teen instead. Since I watched on DVD my kiddo (9) she just wound up leaving the room not too far  into the film to play on the computer. Where my teen and I enjoyed the film. In short under ten probably not the movie for them.

Momma Says: Jack and Jill is rude and  laugh out loud funny, wacky and gross. All that I expected from an Adam Sandler Film.

Film Review – DVD- Jack and Jill

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  1. Beauty says:

    Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love Adam Sandler. He is one of my favorite’s actors of all time. I really love his work but this movie is a movie I didn’t rush to the theaters to see. I actually didn’t feel like it would be his best work and I was told by many of my co-workers at DISH and friends that I was right! What do you know!? I was told it was funny but not the best he has done and Al Pacino was just scary. I think that part is funny. Now that DISH has just release Jack and Jill through Blockbuster @Home I think I will rent it and see how I like it. I don’t have to waste any money or go any where since it all comes to my house. I hope it is semi decent and doesn’t ruin my outlook on Adam Sandler!

    • says:

      It is not his best work like I said, but I still got some laughs. It did not ruin my idea of the Adam Sandler I enjoy to watch. No Wedding singer for sure but better than Little Nicky- HATED that one….

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