Disney Bento

I am home from Disney so of course had to make a Disney Bento! While there I searched for things to use for bento of course, while in all the MANY gift shops and all I could find was a bread/toast stamp. I am happy I found something though!  So my kiddos bento was made today with the Mickey bread stamp.  I then toasted the bread (lightly) and made her a Peanut butter and jelly sammy with it.  I added some cute Mickey crackers (definitely not GF-gave her a pill to make her handle it) that we bought at the resort (they are like goldfish brand but Mickey TOO CUTE and she totally wanted them so we take a tummy pill to make it all go down).  I also added a package of cute biscuits with cocoa in it from the Asian market, apple fries, orange slices, carrot flowers with salami flowers, GF cookies. Seeing that I am running on fumes from Starbucks past, I was not too into making bento today but it had to be done. The stamp sure helped make a quick and easy bento.

 The magic kingdom in Florida was allot of fun and we all had such a great time riding the rides, watching the attractions and of course meeting the chericters.  We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  The Resort was nice the bonus in staying there is you get bussed to all parks and downtown Disney which was cool.  We got to eat two character meals where my kiddo was able to have one on one time with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tiger and the second we met Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and the BIG CHEESE Mickey Mouse. It was worth every penny to do that and my kiddo was way excited also.

I will follow  up with an  Review article on the resort and all later in another posting.

Momma Says : Stamp + Bread = quick & cute lunch bento

Disney Bento

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