I Love Breakfast Bento

I believe yesterday was international pancake day, so in light of this I am reposting this cute bento I made from last year, plus kiddo is sick home from school today so no bento :(

This is the last bento before our BIG Disney vacation. We are leaving bright and early so we have as much time in Florida as we can!

This bento has a love bug in it because Valentines is just around the corner and my kiddo loves breakfast. So the I Love Breakfast Bento was made special just for her!

The best think is of course the PINK pancakes and strawberry syrup. I also added some FLORIDA oranges, two color cherry tomatoes with a cute pick, carrot flowers nestled in the leaves made of green apple fries (don’t forget to dip in orange juice to prevent browning), and cheese rolled egg omelet with a meat flower in the middle. The little LOVE BUG looks hungry for the carrot flowers, LOL.

(pancakes are easily made GF with new Bisquick GF mix)

What made this bento easy to put together this morning was I had pre-made the PINK pancakes and froze them with parchment paper in between to prevent sticking. My stash in the freezer makes it so easy to pull out things like pancakes, precooked meat balls and chicken.  I have even stashed in my freezer egg sheet cut outs and they thaw great!

Momma Says Tip: For the smoothest egg sheets buy the “liquid eggs” the one in the carton ( look like milk cartons). They are so smooth and no bubbles if your making an egg sheet. NO Beating required, just pour into pan!

I love Breakfast Bento

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