Fun Food – Stamped Up Hot Dog & Biscuit

One of my comfort foods is definitely hot dogs ( or mini sausages) wrapped up in a biscuit, I LOVE THEM! Luckily my kiddos love them too, I always hear from my older kiddo and hubby is there any more?  We usually scarf them down pretty quick.

So For a bento the other day (check it out at  ) I had made some and the rest were not here long. I think that the addition of the stamp was fun and my youngest kiddo really liked it. I think I have to contemplate what other foods can be stamped now. Food and art, what a great combo for kiddos to have fun with.


 So this project started when I saw this great set of stamps and I remember I had seen someone somewhere stamp their breakfast treat and it came to mind so I just had to buy it, plus it was half off so I could not resist the sale.  :)

So I washed the stamps in dish soap and hot water, as you should with anything you buy at first and put with your food. Then I just put some food coloring on a plate and dabbed the stamps into it, I even mixed the colors and also applied right to stamp from bottle. All the different ways worked to apply the color to stamp. Next time I will just try to soften the colors by adding a little water to see if that works after baking.

 Obviously if you have a bigger “canvas” to work on you can get a bit more crafty with this. Kiddos will have a blast, but since it is food coloring if you don’t want stains all over make sure to protect your surface areas and maybe buy some plastic gloves for their little hands (you can buy surgical type, I do and use it for mixing meats in meatloaf or meatballs, gross stuff I don’t want to touch or have kiddos touch but with gloves GO FOR IT) .

Trick with applying the stamp is to make sure it has good contact on the hot dog and biscuit since you can somewhat “pat” a flat surface it helps. But you kinda have to roll it onto hot dogs biscuits .


Once you stamp a bunch up put them on a baking sheet and depending if you make mini or regular size time according. Minis take a little shorter just watch that you don’t over brown them.

Since I used the food color full strength you can see it is very vibrant. I am excited to see how it will turn out when I delute it a little. Now I just need to buy more stamps because this was way too much fun.





Momma Says: Let the creativity flow with this fun stamping food idea, it will make dinnertime fun time.

Fun Food –  Stamped up Hot Dogs & Biscuit




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