Piggy Bun Bento

My kiddo loves those steamed BBQ Pork buns from our Asian Market. I love them because in a pinch they cook up in 10 min (steamer) and in a thermos they stay nice, soft and warm.  The only problem is it is not easy to make cute food in a thermos. So basically I just decorated the bun with a little piggy face made up of meat for nose and ears, then some nori for eyes.  My thermos has a top container that is small but you can cram some goodies into. I put a piggy carved apple, some string beans, yellow cauliflower and some carrot flowers. 



Quick and easy, yea I probibly could have shoved a bunch more stuff down with the bun but this will be pleanty of food fo my kiddo.  I need to remember what my photo teacher once told me his KISS method,  K_I_S_S = Keep It Simple Stupid. Some good words to live by there….




MommaSays: Easy way to dress up any lunch is to put a smiling face, done with a few additions of meat and cheese. When your kiddo sees it they will be smiling back at you.

Piggy Bun Bento

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  1. Oh, this is so cute!! I love steam buns. Yes, I also feel it’s tough making cute food in thermos, but urs is great. :)

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Thanks so much. My kiddo was happy and that is what mattered the most. Simple or elaborate I think she just likes it as long as something cute it in her lunch.

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