Fun Bun Bento

I had seen on some website a bit ago (I don’t remember who) they stamped their breakfast pastries. I thought how fun and put it in the files of my brain. Luckily it did not go in the recycle bin in my brain.

While shopping with my girls I found a bin of stamps on clearance, I could not pass it up. Then the file opened and I said,  hey I can use this for food and BENTO!!!!  So later on with food coloring in hand, I stamped up some mini sausages wrapped in biscuits and baked them up.  This by the way would be so fun for kiddos to do.  Mine were already in bed when I did it,  just in case it din’t turn out I could pitch it without any complaints. I think they turned out great.  I did use full strength but next time I may water it down and experiment to see if I like it more subtle. Kiddos now may just like it bold and bright, either way, my daughter will love it for sure.

This bento’s buns can be made with your favorite GF recipe or regular store bought brands for convenience, all you need is some stamps and food coloring.

 In the bento is 3 “Fun Buns” , yellow cauliflower, green beans, meat flower and carved apple. Basic but the Fun Buns sure do make it interesting. 

Momma Says: Fun can be given in so many ways, a tickle attack  is fun and does not cost a penny. So go find some fun with your kiddo today :)

Fun Bun Bento

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