Little Bear Bento

Little Bear Bento was a last minute idea because of the brown rice I had. This morning I was looking for white rice and I was out. So the brown little bear was an easy decision, just my simple girl has a tan LOL.   Today I just wanted smiling faces to look at my kiddo when she opened her bento, that is why I have the little girl also.

To make this bento I squished the brown sticky rice in a plastic bag to make a round ball, added nori details for face and on bear used cheese to make snout and ears. Girl has meat hair and cheese flower in her hair with a pick to hold it in place. Since this bentois smaller I made sure to stuff it with alot of goodies nice and tight. Some of the usual goodies I placed were meat flower with green bean leaves, baby corn, cherry tomato, kiwi, carrot rose and some hot dog with heart cut into it. Picks added to up the cuteness factor. I think my kiddo will smile dont you?

Tip: for carrot rose use a peeler and cut some long thin shavings of carrot, then roll it up. Add a green bean with tip sliced on angle for leaf.

Momma Says: Rainbow of color made up by yummy food is way more fun to eat, then you can ask did you eat your rainbow today?

Little Bear Bento

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