Cute Elephant Bento

Cute Elephant Bento was the decision for today’s bento because my kiddo and I have this “thing” for elephants. 

Dumbo is the main reason we started to love them.  The way that Dumbo’s Momma Jumbo puts her trunk around little Dumbo and swings him. Ever since she was a baby I used to hum the song from Dumbo to her and rock her, still to this day when she is sick or just needs a little lovin’ from Momma, I hold her and hum the song. I cant watch the movie that scene without getting all misty, oh my and the song “Baby Mine” tear jerk-er for sure! 

 Here is a youtube video of the scene which we love.


The bento has her favorite food.  I put her special, GF meatloaf with a baby elephant pick, along with mashed potato under the large elephant, turkey flower, blueberries and a cherry tomato.

Momma Says: As they get older love gets harder, try to remember that little baby of yours and the promise you made when you held them in your arms. Know that love can soften even the hardest of hearts.

Cute Elephant Bento


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  1. Jenn says:

    Cute elephant!

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