Recipe: Rice Crispy Sushi treat – School time fun treat!

My daughter wanted something special for her class on her birthday. I was tired of the same ol thing and so was she. The cupcake.  Not to dis this cute little confection but everyone brings cupcakes. So on a budget that we are and we don’t want to invite the whole class over for a party, we try to make her birthday snack at school special.

This year since my daughter is into karate we wanted something Asian and fun. I remember reading something about a rice crispy sushi a very long time ago. So where this recipe originated I have no clue, I don’t have that recipe so I decided to make one up my self. I did not want to go through the trouble of making the rice crisp and marshmallow mess so I opted to buy the crispy treat made by Kellogg’s in the individual wrapped packages. Not only to save time and less mess but because if you ever had a premade one they are perfectly soft for shaping and some schools only allow you to bring snacks that are STORE BOUGHT due to allergies. So this perfectly follows the schools rules but allows your child to have bragging rights on how “Mommy made it special for my birthday”. You can then still be the BEST MOM EVER!  You will also need to purchase green color fruit roll ups.  I bought some from Target, they have their own brand. The flavor is tropical and it is made with fruit juice and the color pattern perfectly imitated the look of the Nori (seaweed).  I also purchased some fruit juice less sugar fruit snacks for the center of the “sushi”.

In total her class has 16 students so I wanted each child to have 4 sushi on a plate. Each plate would have one sushi of each color of the fruit snack so no fights would break out over a certain flavor!  So in total I used 30 packages of crispy treats (2 boxes), 13 fruit roll ups and only 7 packages of fruit snacks.  So this investment was not a lot and you will have some extra packages of fruit snacks for future lunch boxes.  I used the flower shaped mini cookie cutter made by Pampered Chef. 

Out of each rice crispy treat I cut out two flowers with the mini cutter lightly sprayed with Pam to make cutting easier.  I then took a knife cut into center of flower used my fingers to make a little hole and inserted a fruit snack. I guess you could use gummy worms cutting them thin and stacking different colours to make it look more like a California roll or something, I just choose to go simple one color in the center. Manipulate the crispy to hold fruit snack nice in center.  Now take a green fruit roll up and wrap around the “sushi” leaving the paper on the one side (this will help prevent them from sticking to each other) cut with kitchen shears a little longer than size of roll when you are done wrapping and overlap the end over the beginning.  Now you have the cutest little sushi that every kid would love to eat! 

I had to make 64, don’t think this was a hard job to do. It was a breeze. If you cut up all the crispy treats first it goes surprisingly quick. Plus all the yummy left over from when you made the cut outs can be put together for extra sushi for the teachers or your hungry hubby who keeps coming in the kitchen wanting to eat some of the treats you are making for the class and not him.  Plus you can make this gluten free very easily by reading labels. I found some fruit jellies made by Sunkist that are gluten free! 

When I brought it into class I also provided chopsticks and the little chopstick helper thanks to the nice manager at Noodles restaurant he gladly gave me enough for the whole class.  The kids loved using the chopsticks with the helper. It made them like a big tweezers and all the kids (7 and 8 yr old) easily were able to pick up the sushi with the chopsticks.  The giggles and smiles were all I needed to know it was a hit. Practically all the students came up to me (and my daughter) telling me how cool it was and thanks for making them. Two even said can they take one of the extras home to their parents, others wanted to save one for a sibling. The end result was a thumbs up from my daughter and a big smiles from her and her class mates. Of course they all got to keep the chopsticks and holder so that was the bonus treat to take home. Plus for the rest of the day she felt so cool because the kids would tell her how much they liked her birthday snack!

Momma Says You cannot buy happiness, but you can MAKE snack time happy!

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  1. Jin Reise says:

    Neat, I spent too much time trying to get this right. Thanks again!

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