Cute Pokemon Bento

I wanted to make a cute and easy bento and I haven’t gotten myself in gear so easy cutouts is with CHEESE! I just googled a picture of Pikachu ( I picked the Pika because of our new Wii game check out my product review…chus-adventure

I first made my minute rice ( HELLO EASY THANKS TO ANNIE CHUN BRAND) added some color to make a rainbow. Because the rice was brown rice the color is not as vibrant as I would have liked, but my kiddo will not mind once she sees the Pikachu!   So Pickachu was so easy, just using a reference cut out of cheese and add detail of face with nori, so quick and easy to add fun to bento, LOVE IT – I added some stars that I made from shaved carrot and a mini cutter, bottle of GF soy sauce, mini sausage Poke balls made by pushing a cutter into center of sausage then just slicing the lines, boil and Fini :) … The usual gathering of fruit and veg to add color and nutrition to the bento.

Tip- shaving Large FAT carrots lengthwise ( you can blanch to soften if you like),  then cut into shapes or roll into flowers.  Shaving with a wide peeler gives room for more mini cutters.

Momma Says: What kiddo doesn’t like cheese? It is an easy way to create fun bentos and if you make a mistake no biggie, save mistake for grilled cheese sammi.


Cute Pokemon Bento

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