Snowy Bento

We had snow the other day here in Colorado and I woke up today and it is still a dusting here. Weather outside is cold and I am wondering if more will come. I cannot complain we get some snow and then the sun comes out and it all goes away. One day freezing the next so warm you dont need a coat!

To honor the wacky Colorado weather, I made a Snowy Bento. I think it turned out cute and not holiday-ish (is that even a word LOL).

I recently bought these all natural funny face potato wedges, they seemed to be GF when I read the label. They made a snowman with a pick for a nose and a little hat pick. I also added some cherries and a large strawberry. Below in a separate container I have GF breaded chicken from my freezer stash (check out my recipe ) ,  a carrot rose with pea pod leaf and some cucumber, some  three snowflake deco and on top of it all I have a snowy dusting of peeled carrot punched into snowflakes.

Momma Says: Tip for punching out snow flakes- make sure to use a wide peeler and cut thin strips out of raw carrot and then just punch with a paper punch. I bought the punch for $1 and it worked great!


Snowy Bento

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4 Responses
  1. Wow! I can’t believe that you were able to use a paper punch on carrots! I never would have thought that would work. Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  2. Love ur potato snowman, they are so cute. And great tip for punching carrots! :)

  3. The potato wedges snowmen look so cheeky and cute! Love them :)

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