Cute Quesadilla Bento

We woke up to snow today! My kiddos first words “is there a snow day?”  Not today (whew).   I made her a simple bento with the cute little panda looking at the yummy foods.

I made this cute quesadilla bento because who doesn’t love cheese?  Plus that is all I can think about since I am starting my diet.  So I made quesadillas for my kiddo and dreamed of eating it myself…

Along with the yummy cheesy goodness I packed some blanched string beans, carrot stips that I rolled up and cucumber. There is also some hot dog (the good kind) , I love slicing up the hot dog and cooking it the pattern puffs up a little and it looks so cute. Online you can get many different hot dog slicers that make animals and such., that is on my list of things I want. Until I get the slicers I can still get some cute hot dog designs with a knife. 

The bento box is small I used and it  has two compartments, so the other has fruit in it. I gave her blueberries cherries and a few cookies for dessert.

Momma Says: Simple and good for you, does not have to mean boring.


Cute Quesadilla Bento

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