Free Family Fun

My kiddo had a field trip yesterday, so I of course wanted to go to.  I like to go not only for her, but it is a nice time together. We always hold hands and walk and do what ever it is and she is happy I am there. Soon she wont want me around as much, she will be too cool to have her Momma at school, so I take advantage of every chance I can to be at her school.

We went to the Fine Arts Center, some of you might think BORING. It was anything but, yes we had a guided tour, but I also walked around with her having conversations on what we looked at and that was very nice. 

It is a great time to ask them questions of what they see or feel when they look at a particular art piece.  You can look close and talk of the brush strokes. What you like vs what they like and so many other questions and answers.

My Daughter left the place asking if we can come back and look at all the stuff we did not get to see (we had a small tour and had to be back to school by 12:30) I was like YES, definitely that would be fun.

One thing is most museums and the like have free days.  The free days at the Fine Arts here is every third Tuesday. Just google free day at ____ (the museum by you).  We could all use something FREE these days with the economy down and funds low for family fun.


Momma Says: Love this Quote – While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt



Free Family Fun

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