Cute Fun Frog Bento

Today was a special day for my kiddo, her teacher let her bring her pet frog to school, oops its a toad (she would correct me). So I made her this Cute Fun Frog Bento.

This is alot of food and so she knows if there is leftover to eat for snack at snack time, so it all works out.

For the Frog (ok toad, sorry baby, Momma said frog again) He is made out of my favorite minute sticky rice from Annie Chun, I added some organic pea baby food and salt to make it greenish and the salt helped the taste. He has nori eyes and mouth. I have him sitting in the “grass” made of fresh green beans and carrot slices. There is a meat flower aka water lily, a baby tomato and some GF mac and cheese with little pink TOAD picks added to hide inside. 

The opposite side has a turkey roll up sammie, grapes, strawberry and blue berries. Under it all is a bottle of GF soy sauce.

I really liked adding the organic baby food to the rice, you might be thinking YUK!  BUt, if you salt it and taste it is actually pretty good. The organic has nothing but peas, so there is nothing to make it an off taste. I bought a few different vegetables to sneak into my baking. You can disguise any greens in brownies and you can just match up the color of the food with color of baby food and then add a little salt. Works like a charm, just dont add too much of it or the sneaky food might be tasted.  I think of it as hey even 1 Tablespoon of baby food snuck into something  is a mouth full of veg I didn’t have to make them eat at dinner!

My teen daughter has eaten brownies with organic spinach baby food in it and never knew! When doing this obviously it makes batter slightly more moist so you may need more flour or not…

Momma Says: Do what you have to do to get the veg in, become that stealthy undercover Momma. It will make for good conversation when they get older and have their own kiddos.


Cute Fun Frog Bento

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  1. Cute frog, n great idea of sneaking in the vegs. Tks for sharing. :)

    • says:

      Thanks, She never had a clue how sneaky I was. She gushed to me how cute it was then said I was the best- Yeah that is why I do this for her :)

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