Bear Bento Snack

Friday is snack days since elementary only is a half day. I wish I had that when I was in elementary school, not sure what my Mom would say to that.  The half day thing every Friday does hamper when both parents work I am sure.  I am very lucky that I can be a stay home Momma and I am so blessed for it, that is all I wanted to do for my kiddos. I had to work many times and the pressures and guilt was difficult for me. I give my heart out to all those Mommas (and Daddys) who don’t get the chance to be able to be a stay home parent and if it for choice well then your stronger than me and Koo-dos to you.

Back on to the  Bear Bento Snack for her today, I made mini sammies with Bread and the press and cutout I have TOO CUTE! The bear and flower was used and then I used the same to press the meat to make an impression. It also has tiny spots for cheese to be added. I put them in a bed a of lettuce for her to add to the little sammies, decorated with little picks. In the heart cup I have her fav mini marshmallows, alongside is a carrot stick and hidden in back is cookie cut in half behind it all. Down front is a little hot dog cut and cooked for my carnivore kiddo so she can have MORE MEAT. This seems to be her thing again, lots and lots of meat… This seems more of a lunch instead of a snack because of quantity is because she lets out at 12 and is usually starving when she gets home, so this is a large snack I guess or nice lunch for her.

The thing about hot dogs if you get good quality ones you should have no guilt on placing a bit of it in a bento! Plus when you cut them then boil them in water the shapes really POP.  To make the shape I have, looks kinda like a pineapple skin, you cut vertically about 1/4 in depth to make 3 lines, then you do 2 lines in the opposite. I put the little guy in a small bowl of water and either microwave for a min or put in pot on stove and boil (microwave is easier of course).  You can also do long vertical slices to make an octopus legs they boil up really cool! So give it a try…

Momma Says: Use quality food and then you don’t have to worry, especially in hot dogs and sandwich  meats. Check your labels!

Bear Bento Snack

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