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Well the kiddos are back to school now after Christmas Break. So now is the back to bento for Big Momma. I know my kiddo is looking forward to her bentos and her new styling blue purse like lunch bag,  thanks Grammy! 

Today’s bento is leftover GF Dijon chicken and rice. One thing about bento is you dont have to make intricate bentos, yea they are way fun and exciting but with the addition of a cute little items you can use leftovers and get that bento done in a snap.

I used the rice and chicken on half of the bento with some nori punched out hearts to decorate the rice a bit. Stuck some cute little panda baran, food separators and picks. I added a container with oranges along side of it is a ham flower with carrot middle and a broccoli floret. Color wise it is a little bland but the cute pandas make up for the loss and she will like it….

Sorry My pics are not the best with the lighting but I take them at 5:45 to 6 AM that is too early for the sun to shine in my kitchen and make for pretty lighting – OH WELL ;P

My kiddo LOVED this recipe I am sure yours will too. For the rest of the family I used regular progresso bread crumbs.

Recipe for GF Chicken Dijon

4 chicken breasts

1/2 Cup mayo

1/2 Cup Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp spices, I used Tuscan herbs grinder

Salt & Pepper

GF bread crumbs  – Schar brand (I also added some spices above to crumbs for flavor, once added parmesean cheese that was good too!)

1. rinse and pat dry chicken

2. In a bowl mix mayo, mustard, spices

3. Salt and pepper chicken then baste with mayo mix on one side

4. Place mix side down into crumbs and press to make sure they adhere nice

5. Repeat to second side

Place chicken on lined baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil or butter (in the past I even sprayed chicken with PAM organic and that did great too) to help browning.

 Bake at 425 for about 25-30 min

Momma Says: Dont stress out lunch can be quick and easy with their favorite leftovers!


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