Organization Time

Now that the Christmas season has come to a close and the kiddos will be starting back to school tomarrow, I decided that I would gear up for those bento lunches and early morning breakafasts (and of course my daily posts ).

I had to go through all the leftover snacks and treats that were here durring the holidays while the kiddos were home and hungry.

I opened my small cubbord where I have all that good stuff and said to myself, I expect the girls to keep their stuff tidy this kitchen is out of control.  That is not ok, I want to lead by example so it is ORGANIZATION TIME once again.




I must say the favorite cubbord organization for me is those snap on lid containers. They really keep stuff fresh forever, and since I dont have tons of space in my cubbord it also helps keep me from overbuying (like I did durring the holidays).

  The snap containers are clear so you can see when something starts to get low too which is good.  I have large ones that I put my fours, rice, pastas and sugars in, they keep nice no little buggies can get into these especially good if you live in climates or rentals where that can be a problem.  So they are definatly on my Momma’s must have list!

As you can see the end result is much more nicer and organized.  Now to tackle under the sink!!

  Momma Says: Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country. – Margaret Thatcher



Organization Time

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