Thanks To Everyone

Big Momma here and I would like to say thanks to everyone who checked in on over the past year. Because of you I have had a lot of fun posting on some of my favorite things from cooking, bento of course, movie reviews and my list goes on. I had a contest and that went well too…  I love the feedback from all you who choose to email me or post a comment, thanks so much for taking time out for that.

I usually have a low at holiday time with posting but try to post something so I do not have anything at all going on, that would not be good. Jan 4th kiddos go back to school and I will be back to bentos and hopefully have more time for crafting.

I allways spend New Years at home with my kiddos who try so hard to stay up to make it to New Years. The reward is fireworks off Pikes Peak here in Colorado. My hubby wants to go out to the restaurant/sports bar 2 blocks from our home.  I might just do that this year, but I will probably leave before the clock strikes midnight. I would rather be home anyways….

One of our traditions is to make sure the house is clean, that way you know it will be nice the whole next year (wives tale in my family) also holding money when the clock strikes midnight is another one. My Grandmother would say hold money so you will always have it in the New Year, then we would say Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit for luck.  I do this with my girls and we yell and scream it bang pots and pans and watch the fireworks outside. Yes we are usually standing in the snow too. So far its melted enough so hopefully it wont be to cold out there so late at night.

My New Years wish is I hope the best for all my readers and have a SAFE New Years. If you go out designate someone to drive, that is your safest bet. We dont want anyone being a statistic on this holiday!

Momma Says:  Average DUI is about 15 grand I hear, NOT WORTH IT.


Thanks to Everyone

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