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After Christmas I was talking on the phone to my Mother who told me how she liked a photo book she had been given by my brother.  The book was a recap of the whole year and all they did. She told me how she liked the book I gave her a couple years ago of our vacation together, but would like a recap of the kiddos year to look over and have on her coffee table. Since they are her only Grand kids, I thought that would be nice. She hinted what a good Birthday present for her and I thought it would be too.

Then I thought I really like that idea. Recap of the whole year, specific pictures that tell the story so that it is not a ton of  one event. I used to have time to scrapbook and make them for myself but latley that has been on the back burner.  I know I need to get on it with that craft, but in the meen time I can make an album of the year in a snap online. Plus when the kiddos grow up and all I want to give them the scrapbooks I have made of them. So what does that leave me? So this is the perfect answer to solve that also.

The products I had made before books and even cutting boards with their face have all been of good quality and the photo paper they use as well is not thin and cheap. I have always been happy with

I have a account with, have had it for about 6 years. I have used it for many of their services and have been happy with the results.  So yesterday I logged on to and I started to recap years ago. 2005 to be exact.

With the tears welling up in my eyes it was fun to look through all the photos of my kiddos so long ago. It is amazing how much they can change. SNIFF SNIFF

So I am hoping to end this year off with online albums made and make those hard cover books of the year.  Then I can have ship off to family and of course me too.

Momma Says: Get those photos in order and out of the shoe box under the bed. Make a years end recap of your favorite photos, let them tell the story of the past year and celebrate all you have to be lucky about.


Photo Books Online

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