3 Tier Barbie MMF Cake

My  oldest baby is turning 16! I don’t know how much longer I can call her my baby, LOL. To me she is always and forever my baby girl. Oh sniff sniff… So with her big Sweet 16 party on the horizon I checked into local bakeries to see how much for a super cool cake and almost fell on the floor!  I love her but I would rather put that kind of money into a present for her, plus I thought at that point “I can do it”.

It was to say the least a long 2 1/2 day process but it saved me SOOO much money and the end result was ooh’s and ahh’s with a That’s so Brooke of a cake from her friends. They all call her Barbie cause she is such a girly girl and tall and blonde. OK definitely did not get that from my gene pool!

I knew I wanted it 3 tiers and covered not frosted and fondant though looks cool tastes yucky in most opinions. So I heard of MMF or marshmallow fondant that is homemade.  The recipe is simple and you can tint it any color and use scraps to decorate and cut out shapes. It worked out great in my opinion and guests said this fondant is good, usually I don’t like fondant. My reply was its marshmallows and they all said that’s why its soo good.  I got praise what an awesome Momma I was from all, the best was the thanks I got from my daughter.  :)

So here’s the recipe for the MMF and how I made the cake:

MMF – Marshmallow Fondant recipe

bag of  mini marshmallows (1 bag per cake)

bag of powder sugar (1 bag per cake)

2 tsp water

1. Place mini marshmallows (MM) in a microwave safe bowl sprinkle water all over marshmallows.

2. Microwave in 30 sec increments,  stirring and checking for them to be all melted (took me not even a whole min.)

*I used strawberry pink marshmallows so no need to tint – BONUS*

3. Add powder sugar about half bag and mix into melted MM. You will see a soft dough start to form. Keep adding until no longer mushy and dough is able to be pulled out onto work surface.

4. Put alot of powder sugar onto work surface and place MM dough on sugared surface.

5. Knead in sugar to nice dough is made.

* I found through trial and error that the best thing to do at this point is then set dough aside and clean up work surface of all sugar, keep handy if you decide dough is still not stiff enough.  I then sprayed the work surface with PAM (I had baking kind but sure any one will work) most web sites will say to roll out dough in sugar to prevent sticking to counter, I did this and yes it worked but it was terribly messy and at times still stuck. When I did the smaller cake I tried the PAM and it worked the best Just kept it close in case I needed another spray. It also worked wonderful when I needed to knead in food coloring and made the fondant nice and smooth.

6. Roll out fondant (in sugar or like I did in PAM) makings sure to coat the rolling pin.  Roll out thin but not where it will tear too easily I did about 1/4″ thick.

7. Fold half fondant over a rolling pin and place cake near fold. Then working quickly pick up fondant on rolling pin and put over cake, and working quickly smooth down and push around bottom of cake, trying to not make folds around sides. If this happens try to lift and smooth it down, being careful not to tear near top edge. 

* any little folds/imperfections that cannot be removed can be covered with a decoration so don’t sweat the small stuff

8. Cut out around bottom of cake with a pizza cutter. Then using your hands gently smooth out cake and shape edges.

9. Use remaining fondant to color and then cut out and decorate cake. Attach decorations with water.




Make cakes day ahead so they can cool completely.

Spray cake pan with good baking spray and use parchment paper on bottom of cake pans, then when cake comes out of oven and you invert it pull off parchment off cake to make a nice smooth top surface for fondant to be on.

Make sure when you frost/crumb coat your cooled cake you make it very even and smooth as possible so nothing shows under fondant.

MM Fondant covered cakes do not need to be stored in the fridge!

You can make your cake and cover it with fondant and it will keep on counter for days (mine kept 2 1/2 days before party and was still very moist!)  This is as long as your filling does not contain any dairy or ingredients that would need refrigeration.

*in pic you can see the extra large straws I used as supports for under the cardboard layers, just push in and trim to make even with cake, do this for under EVERY support  layer

(I used store bought cake mix and frosting  to crumb coat and fill center of cakes and covered with MMF and 3 days it was just as good if I made the cake that morning!)

I personally liked working with more stiffer instead of more doughy MMF. It seemed better to work with the next day…

Spray Saran wrap with PAM for wrapping fondant if saving to make decorations or roll out next day.

If your making a layered cake make sure and cut out cardboard to put under cake sections prior to applying MMF and use dowels or Big straws for supports in the layers under the cardboard or your cakes will mush under weight of layers.



  Momma Says:  Know your family will love your cake no matter what. It doesnt need to be showcase, its made by you with love and that is perfection.


3 Tier Barbie MMF Cake

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