Winter Holiday Bento

I had a little extra time this morning for her Holiday Bento. So I noticed when I got all the supplies out that the end of the cucumber was kinda tree shaped so I used my tools and carved up some of the tree branches to make it 3-D ish.. I like how it turned out, especially with the star on top!

The rest of the bento was my usual array of veg that she likes along with some cheese snow on the “ground”.  I used left over meat loaf (GF) as the ground for the snowman pick to stand upon along with the tree (under tree in cup is the stumps of the baby corn). I put a simple star cut out jelly sammi in cause it looked like a Christmas cookie with the cut out.  A few picks here and there to add some color and another little pick tree and I think she will like this wintery holiday bento.


Here is a close up of the cute tree I carved. It actually did not take too long but it was worth the extra minutes to do. I think she will like it, dont you?








Momma Says : Even if you use the same things every lunch, with the addition of some picks and creativity you can make each day special.


Winter Holiday Bento

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  1. Keeley says:

    love this bento! :)

    i may have to try a sandwich like that for Little Miss – so cute.

    And the cucumber tree is FANTASTIC!

    • says:

      Thanks for the comment. I like how it looks like a cookie too that may be an idea make a bunch of different little sammis and they look like cookies! That would be an intereasting lunch!

  2. says:

    reposted this one because I loved it and I didnt make kiddo bento today, so sorry but enjoy !

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