Santa Bento

Today’s Christmas themed bento is the big man himself, Santa Claus!

I first used some left over dinner and my kiddos favorite food when she is eating meat (vegetarian one month full on meat eater the next-silly bean), BBQ ribs and yes it it GF! I also added some broccoli and baby carrot with a star pick, a red bow to make it festive and her little bottle of GF soy sauce.

The other side I made Santa out of : Mashed potato face with left over rice for beard, his face is radish cheeks, nori eyes and mouth with a pink pick for a nose.  Santa’s hat is rolled piece of ham with cheese for the fur. I added some veg tucked in all over with broccoli carrots and a carved radish.  I also used the left over meat and cheese with a piece of carrot to make a spiral roll then added a Christmas tree decoration. This is a nice and balanced bento cause it has all the goodies: nice color with meats, veg and starch, even salty and sweet from the soy and BBQ sauce!

Momma Says: Who said Christmas cute food had to be cookies and cakes only!


Santa Bento

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