Christmas Stocking Bento

 The temp outside this morning read -2 when I woke up. Yes Winter is in full gear now. Funny how in a week it can get so extreme, like they say Welcome to Colorado…

So the chill in the air and Chritmas around the corner I make another holiday bento.

The Christmas Stocking Bento is made with a sandwich using a cookie cutter and food coloring spray (ok I know not the best thing but hey its Christmas time and I like never use it- so no guilt trip here), half a mini apple with a star cut out, carrot slices, blue star pick with rasberries and boysenberries,  Snoopy by the broccoli and sprinkles to look like a Christmas tree, meat flower (kinda my pointsetta-yea right), grapes under Charlie Brown and a meat and chees spiral.

Kiddos will gather around and ohh and ahh my babys lunch today for sure!


Momma Says : Crack out the sprinkles for bento, its not just for cookies anymore!


Christmas Stocking Bento

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2 Responses
  1. Keeley says:

    This is really cute :)

    I’ve often wondered about using the “spray” color too – glad to see it works well! I wouldn’t use it THAT often either but exactly it’s Christmas time! LUNCH PARTY! lol

    • says:

      The sprays work well but in my opinion they do have a weird taste. My kiddo did not mind though she gobbled it up.

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