Flower Bento

Flower Bento was made because I wanted to use the little quail eggs and hot dogs to make the cute sunflowers. This is so easy to do I will make a post on how to make and update. But anyways this bento has two sunflower eggs some banana chips, mini orange bag of cookies (not GF) and in the opposite side I made a melody of fruit and veg cut all up into flowers, I put little cute animal food separators to hide in the flowers.  The flowers are made up of pear, dragon fruit, radish and carrot. This whole bento is small finger food sized, perfect for little kiddo hands!

She will definatly love the egg sunflowers I have not made them in a while and I just got some quail eggs and she has been wanting to eat these tiny eggs so bad. They make her remember her chicken we used to own who laid small eggs.  She misses that little chicken, sniff sniff… Coyotes came one night … I dont need to say anymore… But, Ming Ming we miss you!

Momma Says: Small, bite size favorites with big impact makes this fun food!

Flower Bento

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