Pokemon Bento Easy

Today was an easy bento as once again I was in a rush. I think I might have to start preping bento at night to have more ready in the morning. Plus like I said I need to update a stash. Oh time is all I really need now.

So I made this easy Pokemon Bento. I used some veg rice from last nights dinner added a cheese Pikachu with nori eyes and nose tomato cheeks and a cheese smile this with a cute bottle of GF soy sauce should make my kiddo very happy to eat today.

 On the top half I cut some more of that new and exciting fruit we bought DRAGON FRUIT, with some mini oranges and an apple cut into a Poke Ball. So easy there just cut half of the peel off then use nori for the stripe and circle and as allways dip first in orange juice to prevent discoloration before putting nori on it. Last I added two GF gingerbread men cookies. 

Colorful easy and fun for the kiddo. She will love this I am sure.



Momma Says: Last night left overs make easy bento fillers with some quick cheese cut outs & your DONE!

Pokemon Bento Easy

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