Film Review – DVD: A Child’s Garden of Poetry

DVD: A Child’s Garden of Poetry, Presented by HBO Family & The Poetry Foundation

I was given this DVD and I thought to myself  what a wonderful idea to put poetry to simple animation. I was eager to watch it with my kiddo.

 The DVD is filled with many poems from works by Shakespeare, E. E. Cummings and Emily Dickinson to just name a few.

The poems are read by many famous performers and also has some recordings of the poets themselves talking.  This is all intertwinded with spots of children of various ages talking of poetry and speaking poetry.


 My kiddo sat there eyes fixed and watched it with much intereast, even got excited when she heard some of the poems she had learned in school.   It was lovely to watch and to see my kiddo intreasted in it also. In the end I asked her what did you think? She replied ” I liked it alot because it had the pictures it helped me understand it”, “I also think the kids did a good job of explaning poems and stuff”.

I think this DVD is the best of both worlds annimation and wonderful poetry. If your kiddo loves to read (as he/she should) I know they will enjoy this DVD as much as my kiddo and I did. What is most important is exposing children to peotry opens their mind to expressing things in words that they might not use and sprinkles color into their world.

 I reccommend this DVD highly and it was so well done that it left me and my kiddo wanting to watch more.

Momma Says: The visuals are dreamy and exciting enough to draw you into the heart of the poems being read.

Film Review – A Child’s Garden of Poetry

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