Best GF Tempura

So I was wanting tempura last night like there was no tomorrow and the mix I had was not GF due to the wheat flour. I did not feel like making 2 separate kinds of tempura mix so I decided I would just go for it and make my own batter GF version.

If you know me I hate to find flour mixes to blend myself so I use always premade versions of flour that I can buy.  So I decided since GF Bisquick can be used for so many different things why not for tempura.  I made a batch and tasted it (with GF soy sauce) and it was delish!!!! I decided I would not tell the family it was GF since my hubby and older kiddo who does not eat GF always imagines they can tell the difference. OK sometimes in baked goods yes but not all the time HE HE HE…

The had no clue and ate it up my hubby even said, wow what made you do this? I said did you like it? He said UH YEA!!! Even my older kiddo and you know teens they usually balk at everything ate it all up too. SCORE this recipe is now in the Momma files of yummy.

Best GF Tempura Batter

Cut up veggies – carrots cut lengthwise in thin planks, broccoli, green beans (fresh)

1 cup Bisquick (GF)

*1 tsp. Sugar (I used cause tempura is a little sweet and I did not want a bland batter- You can try without even with a sugar substitute or add maybe onion powder to make more savory I will try this next time)

1 egg

1 Cup milk

oil for frying

 Brown paper bag

enough water to thin batter (1/2- 1 c)



Wash and cut veggies, dry in a salad spinner to get rid of all water.







I beat the egg, milk, and sugar* into the GF Bisquick and it was thick so I slowly added cold water to thin the batter. Do this slowly and make it just thin enough that it hold onto a carrot but coats it well enough.

Heat oil about 2-3 inches in pan to med heat. (test with a small amount of batter if it browns to quickly your veggies wont cook)

Place veggies a few at a time into batter, let some drain off then place in hot oil after a minute flip over to brown on other side.



Cook in batches and drain onto brown paper bag to absorb excess oil, salt or not







let rest a few seconds so not to hot to eat, this rest also lets veggie continue to cook a little out of the hot oil as it rests.







Momma Says: Thanks to GF Bisquick, who knew eating GF could be so yummy.

Best GF Tempura


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3 Responses
  1. Keeley says:

    great tip! i bought some of the biquik GF and was thinking the same thing – how else can i use this since i would use my regular bisquik for so many things before! (i’m the same, i don’t want to buy 18 bags of different flours and have to mix them! LOL)

    i am going to try this!!

  2. says:

    LOVE me GF Bisquick- I am also going to thicken the batter and make corn dogs too!

  3. Lindsay says:

    This was awesome! Thank you! We used it for shrimp and chicken and it was fantastic!

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