Top 10 Best Christmas Toys 2011

Well its that time when we have to start putting all those toys on Lay a way!  Here is the newest top 10 toys to buy for Christmas for 2011

1. Fijit Friends is a must have for kiddos they are interactive little creatures with different personalities. My kiddo’s head will explode if she does not find one under the tree for sure!!!! $39.99-$50.00

What they say about fijit friends: Fijit interactive, robotic toys full of personality that talk, dance, laugh and bring a new level of innovation to playtime. Made of soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements, girls can poke and squeeze a Fijit Friend™ for fun surprises. With word recognition capability, Fijit Friends™ can understand and respond to more than 30 verbal commands, culling from more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes


2. Air Swimmer Flying Fish – Seriously how cool is this to have floating above your bed! This is so cool for either a boy or girl! My kiddo would love this her own Nemo…$39 -$50

What the makers say: Air Swimmers swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. These amazing fish provide hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms (not for outdoor use). They require only four AAA batteries (one in the body, three in the controller) and have complete up, down and 360 degree turning control.

Simply fill your Air Swimmers with helium inexpensively at any party store, florist shop, or grocery store that carries balloons. The body is made from a high quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks! You can fill it again and again. Remote control has never come to life so magically!



3. Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo  –  We cannot forget the mania from the tickle me Elmo days of old, well heres the newest one for your little ones better snag them up while you can. $50 – $70

 Product Description: Rock out with the Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo! Dressed in a concert-style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music – and preschoolers can too! Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments a tambourine and a drum set. Preschoolers can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he “magically” recognizes which one you give him. For even more rockin fun, Elmo also interacts with other Let’s Rock instruments (each sold separately); he knows when youre playing the Let’s Rock Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you! The Let’s Rock Elmo toy sings six rockin’ songs, so grab an instrument and join Elmo’s band! Figure comes with microphone, tambourine, drums and instructions. Includes 6 AA batteries


4. Transformers Dark Of The Moon toys – Still Cool and awesome that any kiddo would love the new series of these transformer toys. Optimus Prime is a must have for sure. $56- $80

Product Description:Figure comes with trailer that converts to the Omega Combat Armor! OPTIMUS PRIME figure fits inside! Features extending wings, an Ultimate Super Cannon that flips into place and extending energy collection panels Features blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds! Includes 2 “AA” batteries Ages 5 and up.




5. Monster High Dawn of the Dances – These spookey girls, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Frankie Stein.  Monster High dolls have been a hit since they came out and now the newest ones Dawn of the Dances are sure to please those girls who are not into the “pink, blonde hair blue eyed dolls”. My kiddo LOVES them! Her quote of these dolls when they came out was “now this is my kinda doll”… $35





6. LEGO Ninjago – Newest LEGGO product sure to please the fans of these toys. Prices for them vary on item from under $10 but the big items can be up to $70

Product description from Wiki : Minifigures for the Ninjago theme are broken up into two factions, the human Heroes and the Skeleton Army. Unlike the previous Ninja Collection, each Minifig (with the exception of the Skeleton Troops) has a specific name and a distinctively unique appearance.[1] This series focuses on the great weapons of the four mystical powers and the mastery of Spinjitzu.[2] This series also introduced Spinners that the minifigures could be placed on for battles. There is also is a card game that accompanies the spinners.



7. FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup – Every time my kiddo walks past any FurReal toys by Hasbro she ooh and aahs. The new Cookie My Playful Pup is as cute as can be and if it is like the kitties and such we already own I am sure it is the pet of parents dreams cause you dont need to clean up after it. $31 – $45

Product Description: With real-as-can-be movements, sounds and actions, COOKIE MY PLAYFUL PUP lets you experience the joy of having a puppy of your very own! When you pet her on her head or back, she barks, moves her head and wags her tail. Give her cheek a little scratch and she’ll turn toward your hand to ask for more! When you tell her just how sweet she is, she’ll respond with puppy babble that sounds just like she’s talking to you! She loves her squeaky toy — when you make it squeak, she’ll turn her head toward the sound! When you put her toy bone in her mouth, she’ll make crunching sounds like she’s chewing it. This soft, adorable pup is about 14 inches tall and you can either sit her up or pose her front legs so she’s lying down. The very best thing about COOKIE MY PLAYFUL PUP is that she’ll always be puppy-cute!


8.Tonka Chuck and Friends Race Along Cuck–  Tonka is a name that has been around forever with that in mind I am sure any little kiddo would love Race along Chuck. This is a cute truck to have imaginary play and is also interactive good deal for the price. $30

Product Description: Product Description:
This racing dump truck is bursting with energy and wants you to race! Push or pull RACE ALONG CHUCK to make him go. Fill and empty his dump bed! When you press his cab lights, you can cycle through the racing games he plays and listen to his over 50 phrases and sounds! Fuel your imagination and take him on new adventures every day!

Includes 4 “C” batteries.

Ages 3 and up.


9. Webkins Lil Kinz and Mazin’ Hamster This is the best deal out there if your on a budget and it is like 2 toys in one plus your kiddo can play online games with Lil Kinz.  My kiddo is obssessed with Webkins and Lil Kinz and you can find this item usually around $10. You cannot beat that price for a toy  you can play online with! BEST DEAL $7.98 online at Toys R us

Product Description: Webkinz Lil Kinz and Mazin’ Hamsters Combo Pack –  Lil’ Kinz are amazing little plush toys that have their own unique website. Owners can access the website by using a secret code that is attached to each soft toy. When you first get your Lil’ Kinz pet, you use the secret code to ‘adopt’ your new pet. Once you have registered on the Webkinz website you can do quizzes, play games, earn ‘Kinzcash’ – a special Webkinz currency, find out about your pet’s likes and dislikes and whether it is tired, ill, hungry or happy.


10. Laugh and Learn Dance and Play Puppy by Fisher Price This cute interactive pup is going to be a hit because not only is the face cute and little kiddos will surly love it but it is an interactive baby toy! I like the 2 “modes”  one for the younger baby kiddos and the other for older baby kiddos!

This seems like a toy they can definatly grow with. Ages: 9 to 36 months
Requires: Six AA batteries (included); Phillips-head screwdriver to replace batteries  – $24.99

Product Description:Description: Features “ABC” and “Let’s Play” modes to help your baby learn while having fun
Guides through motions, letters, and numbers, fostering language development and ability to follow directions. Includes both surprising and familiar movements to engage your baby. Knows over 25 interactive songs, phrases, and games. While some movements engage by surprise, others are familiar. Our product designers included a pat-a-cake mode because it is often one of the first motions parents teach their babies. Familiar songs were also included in Puppy’s 25-plus interactive songs, phrases, and games, such as “Happy and You Know It,” “Do Your Ears Hang Low,” the “Alphabet Song,” and more! He’ll also blow kisses and teach parts of the body, manners, and greetings.


Momma Says: There are 2 toys here you can find for $10 or less if you find on sale or online so you dont have to pay the big bucks but as we all know the average price for Christmas gift this year is about $40. So shop early so you dont have to get inflated online prices when they are no longer on the shelves. 

Top 10 Best Christmas toys for 2011

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