Fall Bento

Well I am still on the tail end of my cold I thank the Lord above that I have  a bento stash in my freezer. I cannot tell you how easy it makes it to warm something in the oven or micro and pop it in. Makes it so you only have to add some cutie stuff to it to make a cute lunch or  don’t and you still have a great quick meal done.  I always try to make extra of whatever I cook to put in my freezer stash. Then when it is small amounts frozen and packaged separately it’s so easy I just whip out whatever catches my eye, add some fruit and veg DONE!

 I have another simple trick to add some cuteness in a hurry is to take a half an apple and use a small cookie cutter (in photo I used a leaf) just pierce the skin of the apple and take a paring knife and peel away skin inside cut made. I then carved out the words I love Fall.  I then dipped it in orange juice to keep it from turning brown.

This bento also has these shaped foods called broccoli bites (GF), I put some baby carrot with little carving on top of it with her homemade (GF) lasagna (get my recipe here   http://mommasays.net/1152/recipe-no-boil…n-free-lasagna ) Topped off with some leaf cut outs of cheese.

MommaSays: Do like the squirrels and make that stash of food.  

Fall Bento

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6 Responses
  1. crystal says:

    I love how you cut the leaf out of the apple! Definitely going to do that one!

  2. Audrey's mom says:

    What a cute apple trick! I have a stash in my freezer but it is mostly dinner items. Love this bento.

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Thanks, Stash is the way to go it has saved me SOO many times! You can find alot of cute small cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby! I got a great 12 pc mini Halloween set for 3 bucks!

  3. I love fall — and I love your fall bento!

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