Happy Apple Farm

Well it is that time of year when summer is coming to the end and fall is near. This is the time when I like to take a day trip and take the kids to Happy Apple Farm. I highly recommend taking your family to Happy Apple Farm. The farmer is great he takes you by tractor or hay ride to the orchard. What kid would not love that! He is great about telling you where what kind of apple tree is and what is in season at the moment and where to find what is left of a over picked fruit. We wanted some pears and he told us were exactly to get what was left on the trees. He gladly tells you to go out and taste all the different varieties that they offer so you know what you like. He also tells what is good for cooking with.

The also have pumpkins and a berry field. I dream of one day going and picking gooseberries. Why, because I have never eaten one and I allways get there when they are all over with.  I have in the past gotten to pick rassberries and blackberries, which I made into some yummy home made jam! YUM! 

 We go to obviously to pick apples off the trees. There is something special about picking your own fruit right from the source. The kids will love it!  I never had my kid be more excited to eat an apple! This farm located in Peyton Co. It is a fantastic time for family to do something together. Even a too cool teen can still have fun and walk around the orchard and what? Still text while eating one of  life’s simplest of pleasures, picked fresh right there! The little ones can run up and down the orchard tasting all the different types of bounty each different tree offers. Plus you know since you can taste all of the different varieties of apples you know that the little ones will get their daily fruit intake.

If you do not live near Happy Apple Farm in Colorado you must google a orchard near your own town. You will enjoy a day of fresh open air, support your local farmer, get a bonding day and just plain enjoy a day on a farm.




Momma says; Go Country, visit your local farmer for fresh fun and YUM!

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