Quick Halloween Bento Tip

I needed to do a quick Halloween bento because I have a terrible cold and I am so not in the mood to be creative. I still have to do some little touches for my daughters Pokemon Trainer costume today and I just hope I have the strength. I tell ya a Mommas job is never done come rain or shine.  So I thought I would just pack a bunch of food and then put some scary egg sheet on top. Not my best work but I am lucky I am seriously not turning into a real life zombie today cause I feel like death.

I packed a bento with mini tacos and some cheesy potato on one side then in the other compartments I used some mini pickles and gf chocolate cookie also her fav mini marshmallow with a jello pac.

On the top of it all I made some sad looking egg sheets with black food color cut into bat shapes. Not as pretty cool as my other stuff but she will still like it. I promised myselfe once this cold passes I will make more better bento to make up for it….


Momma Says:  The lesson here is that egg sheets saved the day and it is a quick and esay way to add some decoration when you seriously have no creative flow going that day…

Quick Halloween Bento Tip

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