Halloween Bento 3

My kiddo has been loving the Halloween Bentos I have been making her for  lunch. One thing I have been adding is a scary menu to tell what the freaky treats are. With this bento since it is not really freaky food I made a short story of what Brynn the witch was doing. 

 In this fun and festive bento I made some quick rice balls with again my favorite microwave sticky rice.  Formed it inot the witch face and a ghost. Using nori to cover the witch’s hat and for face details. I used shredded cucumber skin for the hair and some turkey bacon rolls under her she is watching a purple potato bat fly bye and has a soy filled green star bottle. Next t0 her the ghost is flying over a corn field made of  carrots carved simply and cucumber cut up to look like husk leaves. The Ghost’s eyes are little candies.

Momma Says: Spooky or Sweet to look at bento for kids can be fun and healthy way to make school lunch.

Halloween Bento 3 Witch & Ghost

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  1. Diana says:

    Super cute! Make sure you add it to this week’s Halloween themed Bento of the Week meme at Bento Blog Network.

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