Halloween Bento 2 (Freaky Food)

 this is a repost as I am not making a bento today but this was a fun one from last year.

This time I decided to do a little test. I did not cute up her food too much. I did make a few things but the rest I am letting her imagination take over for this Halloween Scary Bento.

I wrote her a letter stating that I hope she enjoys Bones from a black cat (cut up apple fries) under some Ogre fingers (Carved cucumber-Spelled Ogre like oger so she could read it better) along with some Dragon tongues (turkey bacon) on top livers of   a dead sea monster (mini tacos dyed red on one side) and a Trolls brain (mashed potato shaped and  sprayed with red food color).

My kiddo should have fun with this one after she and her friends read the “Menu from Mommy Dearest”.  Once she reads it the food will start to really look like what she read because we all know we first eat with our eyes so to speak… MU HA HA HA HA…………………..

Momma Says: A little trick to the kiddos lunch will make is a fun and freaky treat and leave all their friends dying to want one too.

Halloween Bento 2 (Freaky Food)

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2 Responses
  1. Tammy says:

    You are too funny… great idea! Love the letter! ; )

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Thanks Tammy,
      She loved the letter. I fear now I may have started something where she will want a letter for every bento! LOL

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