Pumpkin Bento 2

The next in my spirited bentos this week is my Pumpkin Bento 2.

I used that minute sticky rice that I love now, because you can make cute rice balls in a minute (not talking about decorating just cooking).

See my review on this item under bento I did recently,


I used the minute sticky rice to make the scary pumpkin I used a touch of food coloring but mostly the color came from grated carrot I used on a micro plane. I made a Hello Kitty in a costume bat she is surrounded by lettuce and sliced cucumber and has a little container with soy sauce (GF). To the side I fine chopped up strawberries to look a little gross and put a Halloween pick in it. Below is a Frankenstein’s Monster out of kiwi with nori face and candy eyes.  Turkey bacon rolls with carrot to make a creepy flower patch for her to eat.

Tomarrow I post my recipe for GF pumpkin spice cake to dont forget to check it out!!!!

Momma Says: I love minute sticky rice for time saving quick fun bento making!

Pumpkin Benot 2

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