Pumpkin Bento1

Well fall break is over and this was a definite Manic Monday! After being off of school for a week and getting lazy, sleeping in it was hard even for me to get back in the groove.  I just did and easy bento using cookie cutter shapes.

 I found some cool mini cookie cutter shapes at Hobby Lobby for under 3 bucks it comes with 12 cookie cutter shapes for Halloween.

So for today’s bento I used left over pizza and  made them into pumpkins and to and apple I used a cutter to pierce the skin removed it and we have a ghost and with a carving tool I carved BOO. Oh and the mini bell I pierced the skin and removed it to make a bat. Some turkey bacon rolls cause they look gross (taste that way to but my kiddo likes it, LOL) last some GF pretzels.

Added some nori for the faces of the pumpkins and a cute pumpkin pick flag. DONE! Just in time to take a pic and run out the door.

Also in the pic is a fun craft my kiddo and I did by painting a paper house with craft paint and adding some twigs for a spooky haunted house decoration.



MommaSays: Tip here cookie cutters are more than just for sandwiches and cookies use them to stencil shapes into foods too.

Pumpkin Bento1

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