Kiddos Off Of School

Well my little kiddo has ALL WEEK off of school and my older kiddo just has Thursday and Friday.

So I am not sure if bentos will be made or not but I will if she wants one or maybe we can do it together. I am looking forward to the alone time with my little kiddo. We plan on crafting allot. My older kiddo is not into crafting with me at all, sniff sniff. So kid movies fun in the park as long as we don’t get snow again. Yes, I said again.. Woke up Saturday to a good 4-8 inches. My little one got to make her first snowman of the dare I say Season? Oh gotta love Colorado..

My kiddo upon doing her morning chores said she wanted to watch a movie before we have lunch or craft and she wanted to make a special snack. I said ok but nothing too weird and no cooking of course. ( she often in the past has made some lovely creations that not as palatable as I would have liked I did eat- she calls these often surprise creations Momma love parties)

So for my surprise she made for me was a mix of munchies to eat during our movie. Even though it will be 10 am in the morning when we eat this (has M&M’s in it) I wont scoff since she does not usually eat chocolate this early anyways… At least the pretzels are GF so the crackers aren’t though so today she should be full gear after this. Gluten can get her motor running…

The thing I guess I am saying is it is ok to let the kiddos take control of the plans for the day once in a while. Just as long as it is within reason of course. It is good for them, will give her a sense of being grown up and responsible. They like that cause so many times they are the ones doing what we plan. So GIVE UP REIGHNS and let them lead.

Weather it is their night to pick out the dinner or their choice for the game or movie, No matter how much you dont want pineapple pizza (and thats getting off easy in my house) just go with the flow…

Here is her last surprise Momma Love Party by surprise it is done when I am in shower or away and come home to find it – we talked about being safe and using microwave when no parent is around now LOL.

She microwaved some chocolate bars onto fruit to make me chocolate covered strawberry and cherry and then mashed up some bananna and chocolate milk (melted candy again) I ate it with smile on my face and a heart bursting with love! This was about a month ago.

I am so blessed for being able to be a Mother – I just LOVE this KIDDO’s Heart !



Momma Says: Nothing shows more lovin’ than a Momma Love Party. Let your kids decide the day….

Kiddos Off Of School

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