Fun Food Bento 4

So this is the last of some of her fav. fun foods (some bento are quicker than others). I do usually do allot of the same type of things but one of her favorite  things are green beans (check) of course anything egg or meat (check), and little tiny sandwiches (check).  So I know she will like this one. I was in a hurry so I did not gussy this one up with picks and a bunch of stuff today. She will be happy to see the little Smiling sammies looking at her.  So this bento will be my “Smiling Sammies Bento”.

I am doing a test with her today, we think gluten from wheat makes her focus less in class and all around more hyper plus if she has loads like pasta and garlic bread she gets some belly aches. She wants soft white bread of days when we did not get everything GF… So we are trying these little sammies with regular bread… We shall see… Hope for the best kiddo I know you miss this bread..

 Oh how I miss my babies when I could take any kind of pic of them I wanted LOL








MommaSays: You all know this one a smile is just a frown upsidedown.

Fun Food Bento 4

Smiling Sammies Bento


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