Fun Food Bento 3

For the Love of God and all the saints why do kiddos love the Mac and Cheese?  I mean I get it pasta, cheese but seriously a kid staple here folks?  Why cant brussel sprouts have that same warm fuzzy feeling when we pop one in our mouth?

Well anyway I call my kiddo for a pet name (one of many) Monkey, sometimes Monkey Love so this bento is my Monkey Love Bento… Of course filled with the food she loves cause that is what this week is about food she finds fun.

It has a love bug pic standing in a container of mac and cheese (GF) with some hearts cut out of cheese slices. (*Note to all Mom’s suffering from kiddos saying this GF mac and cheese is gross- add some GF YELLOW American cheese, helps give it a more yummy taste and it makes it more yellow like Kraft when they mix it up- you all know kiddos eat mostly with their eyes). The top container has a monkey and a heart pick for MONKEY LOVE, on top of a heart cup filled with mixed veg also some GF mini chocolate chip cookies.  All put in her lunch bag that has a monkey on it that I had made into a “Girl” and added a heart to her chest.

Quick simple easy done, gotta love those days!

Momma Says: This poem is perfect at least for my family Enjoy- Big Momma

Ode To Cheese – Author Unknown 
Ode To Cheese,
Which Makes Us Smile,
When Camera’s go Clack.
Ode To Cheese,
Which make us taste,
The greatest of flavors, the wackiest of whack.
Ode To Cheese,
Blue, Gorgonzola,
American and Cheddar.
Ode To Cheese,
Beja and Feta,
In all types of weather.
Ode To Cheese,
For those on a diet,
or trying to get fatter.
Ode To Cheese,
with crackers and wine,
with grapes can flatter.
Ode To Cheese,
when you’re sad and happy,
Cheese just fits.
Ode To Cheese,
Mountains and Mountains,
or bits and bits.

Ode to the Cheese,
To appreciate,
and take pictures.


Fun food Bento 3

Momkey Love

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