Fun Food Bento 1

I am loving that my kiddo is excited about showing off her lunches at school, oh no the pressure LOL!

I wanted to do some bentos of her favorite things.  Why is Mary Poppins now singing in my head? Great, now that will be stuck there all day….

So Deconstructed Pizza it is.  I put sauce in a little cup with a cap (cup & cap found by paper plates in market), mini peperoni and mozzarella cheese chopped up, some GF pancakes I saved (she never knew it was a pancake LOL), little grape jello heart and her favorite thing of all marshmallows. With little faces of animals all poking out to make her smile.

I like the theme of favorite things for this weeks lunches. I think it will be fun for her to be a part of it. I usually suprise her but at least the themes she can think of and I will try to do that theme. As long as I am not up all night on terribly intricate bentos  I think I will be ok… Plus kiddos love when they get to have the ideas or at least think they do- Right you know we all do that.   :)

Momma Says:  Why not try a theme week for your kiddos lunches. It can make lunchtime even more fun.

Fun Food bento 1 / Deconstructed Pizza

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