Review: Monster House

With Halloween around the corner thought we would bring out the movie Monster House though it  came out in 2006. This is still a good movie with some good kid time scary fun.

The story is about three kids, one of who lives across the street from that “one neighbor”. You know who he is, we all had one of those who did not like kids on their grass and were probably not the friendliest of neighbors so all the kids thought something scary went on there.  Well this movie delves into this with the scary neighbor who lives across the street from a boy named DJ.  DJ’s parents go out of town for business just before Halloween leaving DJ his friend Chowder with the babysitter Elizabeth aka “Z”. 

When Chowder accidentally got his ball on the lawn of Nebbercracker and they try to retrieve it, trouble starts with the old man and the house.  They befriend a prep school girl named  Jenny in the process and the three of them investigate to get to the bottom of the scary house and prove that something weird is going on there.

The movie is funny, some dark and scary elements probably not the kind of film for anyone under 7  for that reason and some crude words. It was scary enough to make my daughter say “that house is freaky and bizarre”. It has some touching moments of friendship and how you should not  judge a book by its cover kind of stuff.

I don’t like the fact that when the baby sitter is having her boyfriend Bones over,  it shows the boyfriend finishing a bottle that looks very much like a beer bottle at least to  to grown up eyes, kids might pass it up without a notice. When I asked my daughter “I didn’t see what Bones threw on the grass what was it?”  She said “oh that was a bottle of beer”, with a scowl look on her face.  Also not seen but heard is she puts off  his advances, it is not blatant but it is there. Then she kicks him out he calls her a “prude”.   To tell you the truth I hate when movies do this,  they add content that is not necessary for a “kid movie”.  I figure this is probably one reason it is rated PG.  Seriously though what kid would not want to see this movie it is very much advertised to get their appeal?  So just why go there?  We already know Bones is a dirtball type of guy.


In all I like this animated movie. My daughter liked it and it is perfect for a pre Halloween fun family movie night or any night.

Momma says get the popcorn and call the kids this is a good one.

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