Hello Kitty Cake

My Kiddo turned 9 this week (sniff sniff, wipe tear). She is not your average little girl. I love that about her. She is so NOT a princess type and the only “Barbie” she likes are those weird Monster High dolls. She seriously said when she first saw them “now that’s my kinda doll”!  She loves Pokemon with a passion and is rough and tumble one day but the next she is wearing sparkly skirts and pink wanting me to paint her nails. She is the best of both worlds. A kick butt little girl… The complete polar opposite of her older sissy… When she was little if it was not princess, pink , sparkly and girly to the max she wanted not part of it. She was over the top girly. I loved it though, her being my first girl I got it full force. 

So when my little kiddo wanted a birthday party I was hoping in my heart something more on the girly side since she was having some friends over and other girls are not much into dinosaurs and pokemon (Yes we had a girly dino cake one year LOL). So she decided she wanted Hello Kitty- YEA!!! She does like Hello Kitty because my kiddo loves mostly all things Asian due to the love of Pokemon and now bento. That is how she started to like Hello Kitty. So I immediately ran out and got alot of Hello Kitty party supplies. 

(Excuse my pictures, they had to be taken at night, so no sun for natural lighting :(  )

Now my kiddo likes when I make her a cake more than store bought, she is so loving that way. May not look as good as store bought but she likes it cause Momma made it. So how to make a Hello kitty pondered though my brain, yea sheet cake would be easy but she likes fancy.. so I decided cake pops for a Hello Kitty head and I will stick it into a little cake for each girl.  Since she was only having 2 friends over plus her and her sissy that is only 4 little cakes and that is do-able.

I first made the cake pops see recipe:


The key to cake pops is not to make too moist with the frosting or else they can crack or even slide through cake ball and stick will crack at top of ball. (somehow Alec Baldwin on SNL “Schwetty balls”  is going through my brain right now – if you havent seen that skit you missed a good one)

I bought a discount red velvet cake roll at the store and smashed that up with a little added frosting and it worked great (no baking here – yea since my back is still out)

Shaped into head of Hello Kitty and then put in fridge for a few hours, rested my back.

Next dipped into white melting chocolate, sprinkled with crystal sugar to make it sparkly, piped ears on foil glued them on heads with more melting chocolate and decorated the kitty face.

The wiskers were not great cause at this point my back was killing me. I set the Kitty faces to side and cut and frosted some cake cut into circles (store bought again) and stacked together to make it tall for the cake pop to be pushed into.  DONE and put in fridge until party the next day. They stood up fine and the kiddos loved it.

*These can easily be made Sugar free by using your own cake mix and using stevia and homemade frosting with stevia, whipped cream cheese and some sugar free pudding packet. It doesnt really harden but because of the cream cheese and pudding it holds its shape well for frosting ( use stevia to sweeten to your liking)

Now they also sell GF cake mix which is pretty good too, that with the cream cheese and stevia you can make a wonderful cake ball I am sure.

Momma Says: Cake Pops are fun and pretty easy to make and bring BIG smiles to kiddo’s faces.

Hello Kitty cake

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2 Responses
  1. jewel says:

    What a cute cake idea..
    Small individual ones…no tons of leftover old sheet cake drying up and having to toss.

    • MommaSays.net says:

      You got that right! they each had their own container to take home with the cake they did not eat. Bonus no cake left over calling my name about 11 pm.

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