Cute Birthday Bento

Well a Momma’s work does not stop for nothing. I am suffering from a pulled back muscle just recovered from a wrist injury and today is my little kiddos birthday… So I struggle through it and make the special Birthday Bento. I usually make some sort of cool class treat (check out last year rice crispy sushi with chopsticks), since the injury I picked up some cupcakes for her and her class… I know its not a big deal.. She is my last baby and the Big Momma in me wants to make every second for her count, since it is my last time doing this. Soon she will be too old for Momma and her special treats.  (INSERT HUGE SIGH)

She has this new bento box that has basically 3 compartments. Alot for a little kiddo so I just use one for lunch and 2 for snack time.  

1st layer I used brown rice shaped into bunny with cherry tomato, grapes, orange, kiwi, bottle of GF soy sauce and balloon and party hat picks.

2nd layer is a pop tart with a bow made of fruit roll up (yes fruit roll ups are GF)

3rd Layer is a layered bread with meat and cheese to make a cake, carrot, grapes and marshmallow treats, package treat and birthday picks.



I know pop tarts are not GF. I aspire to make some myself.. Future post…

Momma Says: I like this quote – May you live to be a hundred years With one extra year to repent.
~Author Unknown

Cute Birthday Bento

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  1. Diana says:

    So adorable! I am doing something with pop tarts and bentos this Friday but I am not going to use pop tarts. Not sure it will be GF, but it might be inspiring. I’m pinning these!

    • says:

      Thanks Diana,
      Pop tarts are for sure NOT GF, MY kiddo sometimes can handle gluten if in small doses, and I give her a pill I found at whole foods to help her tummy handle gluten. I will be trying to make my own version of GF pop tarts for her. the regular ones are once in a blue moon thing due to her gf diet and they are only special treats here in our house cause of all the crud in them…Alton Brown once made homemade pop tarts on his show I am sure I can figure it out with his recipe to be GF!!!

  2. So many goodies in the birthday bento, love it!

  3. jewel says:

    So cool… your a wonderful mom to do this. Love your website.

  4. Amy says:

    Too cute & colourful….

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