Rainbow Egg Salad Bento

My kiddos love eggs and I saw a long time ago I think on Family Fun Magazine (not sure but I think) on an egg salad sandwich that used colored eggs. 

So with this in the archive of this in my brain and  a dozen eggs I made previously I thought I would give it a try.

It is super easy and my kiddo loved it, why wouldn’t she is was so colorful!


Boil eggs and peel them

add a few drops of your favorite food colors into water and place peeled egg, one egg in each color.

let the egg sit until your egg is the desired shade.

let dry and chop egg add mayo, salt, mustard to your liking. put on some bread and cut sandwich in half to show the colors.

I put it into the bento for my kiddos lunch and she and her friends loved the colorful sandwich!  She came home that day saying MOM my sandwich was so cute thanks, and gave me a big hug!  Just the payment for the work I did was worth it all.

Bento had carved apple, meat flower, jello cup, baby orange in back. In front the halved egg salad sandwich with a few carrot sticks and pea pods.







Momma Says: Colored eggs are not just for Easter they can make a fun sandwich that the kiddos will love.

Rainbow Egg Salad Bento

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  1. I love this idea! It is super colorful and fun, too cool!

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