Bear Love Bento

What another bear bento!!! Yes, cause of the new little cutters… Plus my kiddo loves little foods and as you can tell by the size of the cherry  compared to everything, this is all finger food for sure!

 Well my kiddo is not vegetarian this week who knows about tomarrow? So that is why the turkey little bears. I love how she can be sensitive and decide not to eat meat, but she is little and says but I cant help it I want a turkey sandwich or bacon. So just this week Momma…

Little bear mini turkey sandwiches, cherry, kiwi and turkey and cheese rolls with the second container containing chocolate pudding – YUMMY!

Of course I used GF bread…I had to make my own cause the regular kind is too stiff to make rolls. Plus homemade you can cut thick slices like I did for bears..

Will be baking today hopefully so check back to see what sugar free or gluten free goodies will be posted tomorrow!!! Plus I will be using a new product in my baking to review. I am excited to try it…



Momma Says: ( love this quote) Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?  ~Author Unknown

Bear Love Bento

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