Snack Bento & Product Review: Sandwich cutter & Stamp set

 Well I did it again… I bought some bento stuff from I seriously have a problem. Every time I check the site out I wind up buying something. But, seriously the stuff is so CUTE!! My recent purchase was these cute sandwich cutter with a stamp. It was a little different than I thought but it still worked out cute for my bento snack for my kiddo.

I thought it would be a cut and stamp all in one step like if the middle would push down as you cut the shape out.  It is actually different you first unclick the little animal top with a twist cut out bread or cheese then you take the animal center and press it into the bread.  It  is all plastic construction so not to fancy here, which is fine it worked.

It is on sale for $8.50 right now from the original price of $10.99. Price is a little steep for the plastic construction maybe… But you get 3 so I guess it all works out.. Plus if you order a few items the all inclusive flat rate of$5.99 is a help. I placed my order on the 19th. and I got it on the 25th. Not bad at all that is including the weekend or I might have gotten it sooner. :)

As you Gluten Free people know the bread is not soft and squishy like “Wonder”, so the way to make the stamps work is to nuke the bread for about 5+ seconds.  Since I keep the bread in the fridge the chill and nuke make it soft enough for the stamps to easily make their mark and cutting of the shape was easy. I just quickly covered the bread after so not to turn hard after mini sandwich was made.

Fridays my kiddo’s school is allways has a half day. So they do not have lunch, but a snack time. Though this may be alot for snack time, what she does not eat, she devours in the car at noon pickup cause she is starving by then.







Here is close ups of the pressed images on GF bread I think it turned out good enough since breads texture is different from regular bread.





 Here is the completed bento snack. Though all the holes are not filled in it is still good enough cause it still has plenty of kiddo eye attraction here I think..


Momma Says: Quick snack made cute with stamps and shapes make it more appealing than cookies and cake (at least we hope).






Snack Bento & Product Review: Sandwich cutter & Stamp set

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