Movie Review: Spy Kids 4

Spy Kids 4 Film: Rated PG “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D; Cast: Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook; Director: Robert Rodriguez

First off  “Carmen… Juni… Hello….Are you still out there?”  Dont play like they are even in this movie… Too bad it would have been nice to see the original Spy Kids actually be more than a blip in this film.

My kiddos were HUGE Spy Kids movie buffs. They all had allot of action, cool gadgets the kids had and a good story line for them. So when This new version came out my little kiddo was freaking out and wanted to see it soo bad.  Though as an 8 year old she did enjoy herself watching the film. She was very much looking forward to the card that you get with the scratch and sniff numbers. The idea here is when a number flashes on the movie screen you scratch the same number on the card and you get to have “smell-o-vision” type of thing that they call aromascope (hence the 4D advertising). Well we were very much let down. 3 out of 8 numbers only smelled and you can only smell 2 of them really well.  She as was I was very disappointed. Not like just one card stunk, both of ours did.  Definitely not like the cool scratch and sniff stickers that you can buy and I remember as a kiddo. So this was a fail… Good idea, good marketing idea here cause she was totally excited to scratch off the card, just a big HUGE let down…

The story has a new cast lineup with Jessica Alba as a spy who keeps her identity from her hubby played by Joel McHale and their kids. Until the bad guy played by Jeremy Piven escapes and the mom is needed as a spy again but the kids have to save the day. Ok so you think… The story is ok for young kiddos (I would say ages 5 through 9-older kiddos would probibly think its lame) it does however have the “potty” words like poop and butt head also Carmen who is grown up now, almost slips and says the “S” word but adds “shi–taki” my daughter immediately looked at me cause we all know she was going to say “S”word… They throw dirty diapers and it shows the spatter of poop along with bags of vomit splattering.  My daughter was more grossed out than laughed (Mother like Daughter). Ok they know they will get a rise out of kids here with toilet and barf humor but seriously do we need so see the spatter? Plus the scratch off of a possible fart ( luckily did not work on the card). It has soo much potty humor that that is all that stands out. Along with the previous bags and diapers it has pull my finger and poop bombs by the dog , seriously is that all you think kids laugh at? Please add some different kinds of gags already….

One positive is that the boy in the movie is hearing impared and that made a nice additon. It can be a good thing for other hearing impared kiddos to see and for kiddos who are not well it will show that anyone can be anything.

The best part of the film is the dog with the voice of Ricky Gervais. I would say the story is kinda weak cause you dont get the fantastical feeling of the other Spy Kids Films and there are only one battle scenes that they use gadgets in and each kid only uses one gadget each- so kinda lame. My kiddo was excited here and squeeled “I want that gadget”.

At the end of the movie I asked my kiddo well what did you think? She said “awesome, but it was not  as good as the old ones. ” Then I asked her about the smell cards, she said “all mine didn’t work” and scrunched up her face and said “that was a FAIL.” When I asked her what she thought the moral of the story or positive message the movie was sending she was like ” Uhhh, I don’t know”, so the family moral of don’t waste time was out the window here..



Momma Says: Save your cash and hold out on this one til its in REDBOX for a buck….

Movie Review: Spy Kids 4

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