Movie Review: The Zookeeper

The Zookeeper ‎1hr 44min‎‎ – Rated PG‎‎ – Comedy/Romance‎
Director: Frank Coraci – Cast: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Judd Apatow .

With the rating I was at first a little worried cause a film produced by Adam Sandler’s Co. Happy Madison Productions can have some adult humor not suited for kids.  I was pleasantly surprised. This film is a story about a guy named  Griffen Keys (Kevin James) who is trying to win back his ex girlfriend with the help of the animals at the zoo. The animals like him so that they decide to break the code of silence to humans to help him out.

My kiddo laughed out loud in so many parts as did I.  I absolutly love  Kevin James  . You know him mostly from the show King of Queens. His slapstick styling is not lacking in this film. He is very funny and you really wind up rooting for this guy in the end.

The zookeeper is a hilarious film with great use of special effects that at times it is hard to believe the animals are not real. With the addition of some favorite stars that lend their voice to this film include  Cher (lioness), Sylvester Stallone (lion),  Adam Sandler(monkey), Jon Favreau (Bear), Nick Nolte (gorilla), Judd Aptow (elephant), Maya Roudolph (giraffe) just to name a few, you and your kiddo will enjoy them even more as they interact with James character.

My kiddos favorite part of the movie is the wolf teaching  Griffen (James)  how to mark out his territory.   Leave it up to a kiddo to love anything that is a potty joke… This is just one scene of many that will just keep you laughing up a storm.

My Kiddos verdict about this film “Its a really great film and its soooo funny”!

As with most movies nowadays it does have its fair share of crude remarks (they went over my 8yr old kiddos head mostly) like double meanings regarding courtship of  relationships — marking territory, being forceful, highlighting your genitalia. This last one my kiddo did catch though. The language doesn’t have any big foulness it does however say crap, idiot and hell. My kiddo did not even catch  it when asked. She was too busy laughing at the film mostly. (like to add my hubby was laughing so hard at times I was laughing at him)

 Hopefully your kiddo will understand the morale of don’t change for others and just be yourself.  My kiddo did catch this when I asked her she said “that he tried to change himself to the way the girl liked so she would like him and he changed how she liked him not how he was supposta be”.


I say if you let your younger kiddos see this PG film they might get bored with the scenes not containing talking animals. So any kiddo under 8-9 yrs. probably should not see a PG film anyways. 

 The ZooKeeper is now available on Bluray per Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Momma Says: Kevin James stars in this hands down winner of a film. That combines genre of comedy, children and romance in this unique family film.

Movie Review: The Zookeeper

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